Punto d’ombra


Teju Cole è un grande contemporaneo, lo è sin dalla sua biografia. Nato nel 1975 negli USA da genitori nigeriani, studi nigeriani fino alla fine del liceo e poi di nuovo New York, anzi Brookling: borough dal quale scrive, fotografa e parte per i suoi percorsi internazionali e di quartiere.

Teju Cole ha pubblicato in Italia prima che altrove un’opera che definire “libro fotografico” è riduttivo, non perché i libri fotografici siano cosa da poco, ma perché questo è qualcosa di molto più complesso e aperto. Quest’opera si chiama Punto d’ombra ed è una riflessione sulla responsabilità del viaggio e della visione, ma anche solo sul viaggio, sulla visione e sulla responsabilità di stare al mondo.

A un certo punto, Teju Cole, cita Saint soleil di Chris Marker e più che una citazione è una dichiarazione di poetica. Così, giusto per dire di cosa stiamo parlando.

Pavese in August

The Jinx: The Life and Deadths of Robert Durst


About Michael Madsen


A director you must know!

–       Celestial night: a film on visibility (2003, 53’)

–       To Damascus: a film on interpretation  (2004, 40’)

–       Into Eternity: a film for future (2010, 75’)  – on Amazon Dvd and BluRay

–       The avarage of the average (2011, 50’)

–       Cathedral of Cultures: The Halden prison (2014, 75’) on Amazon Dvd and BluRay

–       The visit (2015, 94’) now showing at cinema

The Act of Killing



This is a masterpiece you can not miss!


AI LATI 2014

AI LATI 2014 from Mauro Maugeri on Vimeo.

The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear


There are a lot of differents ways to speak about a country, sometimes it could sound too much pretentious, sometimes it could be impossible. Sometimes it is possible to find the right way, for sure not the only one, but maybe the best one.
The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear by Tinatin Gurchiani reaches this goal, tellig us about contemporary Georgia: a fake casting announcement for a true documentary, that’s the idea.
Watch it!

Stories we tell


Sometimes I remember I have this blog and I remember I watched something I have to share as much as I can. This is the case of Stories we tell, a documentary movie by Sarah Polley that I consider one of the best movies of 2013.
It is a quite simple and minimalist autobiographic plot but at the same time it is a wonderful reflection about what really is the Truth. There is definitely no answer, or maybe the answer is exactly this: don’t mind about the Truth, just collect all the points of view and try to accept as true that this is our world, the sum of our differences.

Un’ora sola ti vorrei


Despite it is produced in 2002, just for my fault I watched Un’ora sola ti vorrei by Alina Marazzi only few days ago. I realized it represents the possibility of an Italian cinema I would like to watch more and more again.
Unfortunately on line you can find only one scene (not the best one) and a low quality trailer. Luckily you can buy a DVD on Amazon but (what a pity) without English subtitles!

I’m feeling better

doc alliance1

There are discoveries that could change your point of view about how the world goes on. Doc Alliance is one of those.

It’s an on-line catalogue of about 800 documentaries you can watch or download, it’s created by 7 important European documentaries film festival. The prices are cheap and you can find a lot of movies or master classes for free.

I think that if you are a really cinema addicted, you can’t live anymore without it. I can say I’m feeling better since I discovered it!